AF "not due" September 8th..want to wait with me?
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Jen - August 30

I have started charting my temps this month. I hadnt done it before. SO far its looking good. My temps are high and rising. I got my fingers crossed. Anyone else waiting for that day?


Courtney - August 31

Hi Jen. My AF is "not due" September 12th. I am 2 dpo. I haven't been charting my temps...just been "doing it" and crossing my fingers! How long have you been trying?


Kat - August 31

Hey I test on the 4th. I'm on my third round of Clomid and am taking estrogen and progesterone daily. Hopefully this will be the month.


Krystle - August 31

AF "not due" for me on Sept 11th. Was expected on the 9th but O'd 2 days late. So I am 1 dpo right now and will gladly wait with you all. GL to everyone. Hope we all get our bfp's this month.


T - August 31

How do you chart your temps and how does that work, what does that tell you, just curious, I'm trying to gain as much information as I can..


Kat - September 1

I didn't wait until the 4th... I tested twice and both were positive.... one slightly darker than the other but both were faint. My doctor will do blood work on the 6th. It is not confirmed but I am very hopeful. I had some dark brown spotting for a few days and the doctor said it could have been implantation bleeding. Anybody know anything about implantation bleeding?


merlee - September 1

T, try It is a great website for charting (with instructions).


Courtney - September 2

Hey Kat - Congratulations! I'm really excited for you. How long have you been trying? I have a friend who had implantation bleeding. She had it fairly heavy and thought it was her AF, but I had heard that it's usually just a little spotting. I think it's where the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterus. Let us know how the doctors visit goes.


Kat - September 5

I go for my blood work in the morning and I am very anxious, nervous, excited.......
I haven't had much more of the spotting that I had mentioned so I am hoping it was harmless. I have done other HPT's that have turned out +!!!!!!!
I have actually been going through fertility treatments since 2000. I have gone to a specialist in NY to open blocked tubes, gone through two failed IVF cycles, conceived in 2002 and gave birth to a "miracle"(beautiful girl- doctors were shocked), conceived and miscarried in 2005, and here we are again. All of this took place with many fertility drugs...Gonal F, Progesterone, Clomid, Estrogen and others I don't remember the name of. I am wanting this so badly to be real but I am afraid to be too sure of it yet. Tomorrow's tests should answer some questions!!!!!


Kat - September 6

It was confirmed that I am 4weeks 6days pregnant and all of my levels look good as of today. I will keep my guard up still. After the miscarriage in March, I am terrified that I will go through the same thing again. Best of luck to all of you, I will keep you updated on my pregnancy and hope to hear good news from all of you!!!!!


Danielle - September 6

hey jen.. AF "not due" on sept 8th also. todays the 6th and my breasts which should have been sore for over a week at this point. still, are not.i also had some pink and brown spotting in really heavy cm a few days after ovulation..(implantation bleeding?) so, im hopeful....


Jen - September 6

Ok I broke down and tested, it was BFN, but I ovulated late this month so technically in only 10 DPO, you still think there is a chance for me? Or am I out of the running?


bump - September 7



Kat - September 8

To "bump":

What does that imply?


Julie - September 8

Hi Kat, congratulations on your +++. When someone puts a "bump" it just means that they want it to go back to the top of the list so people notice it. Things go so fast on these sights that you can post a question, then 30 minutes later its already on page 2 and no one sees it. That's all it is....


Jennifer - September 8

So has anyone started today? I havent, but my Pregnancy test was negative. I will give it a few days and test again to see. But I really dont feel pregnant this month. Good luck to you all tho!


Danielle - September 8

i gave in and took a hpt yesterday. it was a bfn..maybe too soon?? i didnt start today and still dont feel it well see how things go. good luck to everyone else. congradulations kat!!



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