2ww starts now, anyone want to join
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fitnessfan21 - June 14

If there is anyone else out there that is on their 2ww please join me. I am anxiously hoping to get a BFP this time around. Good luck to all of you.


crystal74 - June 14

hi fitnessfan21, nice to meet you. i have posted on a few other sites about the 2ww. i will hope on board with you. i did my first IUI last saturday so i am 5 DPIUI and O!!! babydust * * * * ** *


MelissaV - June 14

Hi ladies, I'm 6 dpo, and have my fingers crossed! We tried SO hard this month!


fitnessfan21 - June 15

good luck gals. glad to wait with you. baby dust to all!


maknyle - June 15

Hello everyone. I will wait too. I am CD18. I ovulated either 2 or 3 days ago. I had great EWCM this month, and we are keeping our fingers crossed. We have an appointment with an RE this month, and I would love to be able to cancel it. We already have one child.


fitnessfan21 - June 15

Just wanted to say good morning girls. I am on cd25 and just had my two peak readings on my fertility monitor the past two days. I am really hoping this is our month. We have had 2 m/c so far and we don't have any living children. Stay positive everyone. I know it will happenf for all of us. have a good day.


crystal74 - June 16

i'm sorry to hear about your m/c.. i hope you get your bfp soon.


fitnessfan21 - June 16

thanks crystal. I hope we all get a bFP soon. How did the IUI go? Have you heard anything yet? Good luck. keep me posted. baby dust.


Tammy276 - June 16

I will join you in the tww. I only have a few days to go, but let me tell you, its been a long two weeks! I am feeling crampy, crabby, and majorly bloated!! I really feel like AF is going to arrive, darn! I am hoping it doesn't but having a feeling it will. We are ttc #2. We have a son who will be two in October, and have had two m/c since him. So I am really anxious to be pregnant again and give him a little brother or sister! Baby dust to all of us!!


slowpoke01 - June 17

hi all i just had my first and hopefully last iui this morning..lol..no pain from it whatsoever so i am officially in the 2ww i didnt have any cramping from the iui i know alot of people say the do so i hope thats not a bad sign was gonna ride horses this weekend but dr said hell no so that is out of the question..lol..i have never been pregnant and so i am really nervous as you all are i took 50 mg clomid this month for the 1st time so they are hoping that i released more eggs since that will give me a better chance of getting pregnant well good luck to all


fitnessfan21 - June 17

welcome tammy and slowpoke. Good luck to both of you. This 2ww is killing me. Tammy I hope af doesn't arrive and slowpoke, really keeping my fingers crossed for you. baby dust.


slowpoke01 - June 17

thanks fitnessfan i am not thinking much about the 2ww trying not to get hopes up and i know that it is killing you..keep us posted


Tammy276 - June 18

My tww is almost over!! I still had cramps and was bloated today......yuck. BB's were really sore today. That is usually a bad sign that AF is going to arrive either the same day, or the next. So I guess we'll have to see what happens tomorrow. My luck I will get it at work. I am still hoping that she doesn't show, but I don't think it looks too hopeful! How are the rest of ya doing in your TWW? I wish the best of luck to all of you! I will keep you all posted on my symptoms and if AF arrives or not.


slowpoke01 - June 18

tammy-hope a/f doesnt show for you i had iui friday and im scared because e1 keeps saying that they cramped afterwards and i didnt have any cramping still havent had any cramping or spotting or anything so i am scared that it may not have worked but i will let you know in about 12 days please let us know what happens and if a/f shows we will be here to support you and we are hoping that she doesnt show keeping my fingers crossed for you


fitnessfan21 - June 18

hey all-
well i still have about 10 days to go. i am trying not to think about too much and keep busy. The last two days I have had some slight cramping and mild diarreha (sorry tm info.) I am not sure yet what's going to happen this month. Of course I don't want af to show, but we shall see. Crystal-how are u feeling? tammy and slowpoke-I hope af doesn't show.


slowpoke01 - June 18

(fitness) i have about 12 days left to go and i havent cramped at all the only thing different with me is that i have heartburn real bad and i never get heartburn dh says i am causing myself to stress too much and the stress is causing the heartburn i am just scared that this isnt gonna be our month let me know what your symptoms are


fitnessfan21 - June 18

slowpoke- I have not felt real good the past two days. I have been very tired and some slight cramping, and some heartburn too. I am afraid I am just looking too hard to find an early symptom. I am just going to try to relax and wait it out. I know the wait is hard, but we can do it.



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