2ww now- does clomid cause leaking nipples during 2ww?
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pink_roses - June 28

i am just 4 dpo and i am getting liquid leaking from nipples whe squeezed after i shower. anyone get this? i am thinking it may be a side effect of the clomid. also, did anyone get really high temps during 2ww after clomid? mine seem higher compared to when i was pregnant earlier (i miscarried at 12 weeks in early april). they are 99.0 during the day (i was 8.5 with the miscarried pregnancy).


greeneyedgemini616 - June 28

I had leaky nipples during my 2ww with clomid and it was when I ended up not being pregnant the doc told me it was a side affect. Do they know why you m/c?? I am currently 7.5 weeks and I am still nervous.


Val - June 30

I don't know if clomid causes it, but having some discharge from your nipples is fairly common. I started noticing it after I had a mc last year. I actually ended up (sorry, this is gross) having some blood come out of one nipple when I squeezed it after a couple of weeks of checking to see if fluid was still leaking. (This is my cautionary tale about getting too obsessive about ttc!) I went to see a breast specialist (breast cancer runs in my family so I didn't want to take any chances.) She basically said "stop touching your boobs!" and when I went back for a follow-up several months later, there was no more blood. She thinks I just irritated one of the ducts. Anyway, just a cautionary (and hopefully somewhat humorous) tale...I think the moral is "hands off the boobies!" Best of luck to you both!



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