Worried husbad here!!!
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Mr. Worried Husband - September 28

Ok, my wife had her period from 9/17 to 9/21. We had intercourse on that last day (9/21). The thing is, she is using birth control patches. But your suppose to apply them within 24 hours of her period in order for them to work (Or else you have to wait a week). She applied them 33 hours. We had intercourse on the 21st (we didnt wait a week) and I would like to know, is there a chance she can get pregnant?


TC - September 29

That depends on when she ovulates. But I would say doubtful. Your sperm probably won't live long enough to meet the egg.


Q - October 6

I don't think that's possible. Only possibiliy is that the path didn't work and she happens to have her spontaneous ovulation which can occur during period.


Bukk (Rogers) - October 27

Was the intercourse vaginal, oral, or anal? If you engaged in anal or oral intercourse then the odds are highly against your wife getting pregnant.



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