why cant my partner feel my ejacuulation
2 Replies
wayne - June 15

i always withdraw when im about to ejaculate.
i have a fear of ejaculating inside because when i have done so before, my partner is unable to feel it. what is the problem?? is it because i am small?


Alissa - June 18

Why do you pull out? let it go baby" My hubby is big (not trying to upset u) and I can't feel when he does...its not about that..its how your lover feels period, and how you feel at that moment..have her try to cum at the same time WAY better! Hun it has nothing to do with being small :) as long as you know how to work it thats all that matters :) good luck


Heather - June 29

I agree with Alissa, It is not the size that count it is how you make the moment and the actions. I have never felt my husband ej either. Hope this helps.



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