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Vicki - March 17

Are there any positions or anything my husband and I can do after sex to increase our chances of conceivng? Any suggestions would be helpful - we're willing to try anything that might even remotely help!


Kelly - March 31

Vicki, I have heard to have the man on top or from behind. Hope this helps and good luck!!


r - April 20

Apparently putting a pillow under your pelvis after sex helps, as well as putting your legs in the air. i've also heard that you shouldn't go to the toilet for 30mins after sex. Who knows if these things work, but it's worth a try I guess!


elaiza - June 24

the best way to get pregnant is to have sex on days that you are fertile. no special or magical position for that.


secret_lover - June 27

i say deep penetration because it helps the sperm reaches the cervix faster. and of course don't forget to have frequent sex lol!



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