Five month after csec, no period and want to get pregnant!!!
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Miulca - March 27

Hello everyone hope all is well with you and your families. My son is five months old and I have not gotton my period. I am not breast feeding and I want to get pregnant but how without knowing when I am ovulating? Is it normal not having my period after five months? I know it is soon wanting to have another baby, but I really wanted to have them right after the other. Anyone light on the subject.


Sonyamac - April 11

Hi there, my son is 8 1/2 months old. I also had a c-sec. My period returned after I started him on solid food-at 5 1/2 months and slowed down on the nursing. We are also trying for another but we do have age factor and poor S. we conceived last Oct 2005 by iui. We are trying that route again before IVF.
Good luck to you! I hope that you catch that first egg! Sonya


Miulca - April 18

Sonymac hope all is well with u. my son was also born in oct. and he turned 6 months today. Still no period and trying to concieve but i feel like it is a long shot.. i mean i have no clue when i am ovulating if i am ovulating at all. My obgyn set me to get blood work done to see how my hormones are.


DAS - May 17

I can take (quoting my doctor), a year for your cycle to return to normal after birth. Some it comes on quicker, but he said age was a factor.

Lots of luck to you:)



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