PCOS and Clomid......New thread.
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Sharni - October 1

Hi Girls....KellyB.......8st is about 112lbs according to my scales.I'm of a small frame and always have been slim. As for the progesterone testing it seems abit unfair i know crazy isn't it......i don't really understand it myself.I must admit i came away a little disheartened.(nhs for you.)I appreiciate that this is only my first month ttc but obviously after m/c last year we were gutted and then i had to go on meds for something else then i had to wait till they were out my system so really although it's only my first month feels like forever i've waited.anyway girls i'll keep you posted, goodluck to all hope you don't mind me starting a new thread but it was getting way too long.


KellyN - October 1

Hi everyone! Back from vacation, and what a great trip! We are getting geared up for starting again next month. One more week and af should be here. How is everyone else?? Any good news??


sharni - October 4

hi girls....KellyN......glad your vacation went well. I've got approximately 7 to 11 days till af arrives, this morning i've woken up with dull achey left side a bit af ish but not as painful. Have been bd but not sure if i ovulated this month no noticable ewcm just lotion like.Hope everyone is well.


sharni - October 5

well dull achey pains on left side stopped yesterday arvo.did some research on web and i guess it could have been ovulation cramps (but no ewcm,lotion like)could've been implantation cramps maybe i'm just grabbing at straws.hope to hear from you girls soon.


KellyN - October 5

Hi Sharni! The lotion-like cm sounds like you may have ovulated already. Do you do opks, hcg shot, temps, or anything else that would tell you when you ovulate? The last couple of months (taking the clomid) I knew when I was ovulating because I had bad cramping on ovulation day. Then I had a kind of wierd af soarness in my ovaries area. It was almost as if I could feel the egg dragging its way through my tubes - wierd! I've got the pre-af soar bbs, so it should be any day now.


sharni - October 5

hi KellyN......i will temps next month but was told by dr as af are irregular she would't advise me to use opk.not long for you now.


Beth - October 6

Ok so I like the new thread much shorter! The old one was starting to slow down the computer.
Sharni I know what you mean with trying to grab at any possible symptom it use to drive me NUTS I'm still pulling at straws over every little cramp/flutter/twinge I feel but it just makes me more crazy. Honestly when I got pregnant I felt NOTHING I was so worried that was a bad sign but guess not. Some people are lucky and notice stuff right away.
I'm hoping that 12 weeks will bring some much needed relaxation and less anxiety over everything I do feel now.
Baby Dust to all and thanks for starting the new thread


Sharni - October 6

hi girls...Beth i haven't yet congratulated you......Congratulations.
Glad you decided to come over.
well got a feeling af's not too far away now, have not much at all, but sticky white cm.Here's to next month girls.


KellyN - October 6

Hi ladies!! Dh and I are about to take a short vacation. leaving today. It will be nice to use the last of this cycle relaxing. I've not even taken a temp yet this cycle. Heck, I feel almost normal, like I have my life back. I'm looking forward to getting crazy again next cycle, though. Dh and I really want to be parents!! Talk to you when I return.


sharni - October 12

hi...hope you all ok,pretty quiet over here.well still no af ,no symptons either.if af is not here by sat i will test.My cycle is not always regular,so we'll see.


kellie - October 14

which thread are we using? We all still seem to be on the old one.


KellyN - October 18

This thread may be better, because the other one is getting long, and is quite hard to download



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