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confussed - September 5

is it possile to ovulate when you don't get your periods cos mine have been gone for months ive gone to heaps of doctors but no one can determan why or if i still ovulate some say it's possable others say it's not now i'm really confused


Toni - September 11

I think you need to see a specialist. They should be able to tell you a lot more. But you are most likely not ovulating. And it is strange that you have no periods at all. Even when you don't ovulate, you usually have a period at some point when the lining gets too thick and has to shed. Find a better dr. quick.


D. - September 15

I'm 100% with Toni. You need to find a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) to help you.


hope this helps - September 20

i have irregular periods and am trying to conceive.I had a period in january (the last week of) and found out i was pregnant end of april, sadly mc 6.5 weeks later but i ovulated without period i would seek professional advice if i was you.You need to find out why you are not having periods i have pcos.



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