low progesteron
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Patty - June 20

I have recently had a miscarriage. I only found out afterwards that it was probably due to a low progesterone level. I hear that this is a common reason for misscarrying. If so,I am wondering why it hasn't become normal procedure for proges. levels to be tested once pregnant...?
Also, I've experienced mild stomach cramps during pregnancy. Do you think this has anything to do with my low progesterone level?


merlee - June 22

Patty, hi, I have tested low progesterone also. No pregnancies in 2 1/2 yrs. I wondered the same. I now use prog. cream after ov and it has helped PMS, cramps and bbs pain a lot. I'm hoping this will help my chances. The cramps caused by low prog. I wouldn't know about. but maybe.


patty - August 5

I've miscarried twice in the past 1 1/2 years. My specialist has me taking 100 mg of progesterone suppositories starting 72 hrs after ovulation. I stay on it until my cycle starts or until 11 weeks pregnant. Cramping can be a normal part of early pregnancy because of your uterus stretching. Good Luck. I know how hard it is each month....the big wait!


TC - August 27

Hope you are doing well Patty. I also had to take supplements for a low level. I did this with 2 other successful pregnancies.
So it does work. And my dr. does test for this level on the first visit. Ask lots of questions.


Lena - September 16

A post O progesterone test is common procedure when working with an RE, whose very practise is an active stance for conception. By the very nature of their practise, your ob/gyn will assume all is normal until a problem occurs. An REs responsiblity is to diagnose and treat fertilty problems.


JEN - October 18

My dr tested me at 4 weeks and found low levels, but I had also been spotting for almost 2 weeks.


stephanie - December 13

Hello ladies.. I had and IUI about 7 days ago and today was my progestrone bloodwork..It was 23 a week after the IUI..Is that too low to be prego



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