Infertility feeling depressed
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Isabelmason - October 15

This is Isabel Mason. My age is 40. I am experiencing infertility since I have diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As of late, I have healed from the disease. But the pain of not having any child for the rest of my life did not vanish. It became more painful and annoying since the time passing by. I struggled twenty years. It breaks me into pieces. Further, I lost my two marriages due to the same reason. But my third husband is so caring one. But still, he also wants me to give him a child. Which I am unable to do. I often think that there is no reason to live more. But still, I hope that everything gets settled down. I just need my own child.


Lorrry - March 1

Hello dear! I'm so sorry you were diagnosed with cancer which made you infertile. I'm in the same situation. We had hard times. But the most important is we're healthy now. We should definitely fight for my happiness. People are constantly asking me why we don't have kids. Some people don't know I had cancer. And I'm not that type of person who would tell about it to everyone I meet. But anyway this is kind of rude to ask such things... After all those questions I feel mad and sad... I wish some people think more about other's feelings. My biggest dream is to have children. I hope surrogacy will change everything.


Isida - March 24

Hello, Isabel. Welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your life story. I feel very sad when I hear stories like yours. But I'm sure you are strong enough to figure everything out. I met a lot of couples, which were ttc for years. Unfortunately, infertility issue is getting more and more popular. Women just don’t know how to deal with this. Actually, modern medicine offers a couple of solutions. First of all, most women get pregnant with the help of IVF. This service is very popular nowadays. But it works only in case if a woman is able to carry the baby. If it is impossible, the surrogate can do it for her. In this case a couple enters the surrogacy program. It is not as popular as IVF but it also works great. In your situation surrogacy is the best option. You will get your baby and your marriage will be saved. I think you should take this option into an account.
Visit a couple of reproduction centers. Doctors will answer all of your questions. After all examinations you will be offered the best solution. As usual, it takes 10-12 months to get a baby through the surrogacy. It is much faster than adoption. That’s why most couples prefer surrogacy to adoption. You don’t have to do anything on your own. Doctors will take care of everything for you. They will find the surrogate and the embryo will be transferred. So, you have nothing to worry about.
I believe you will figure something out. Just try to be more positive. I wish you good luck, Isabel.


wellspringivf - April 30

Don't be upset and find yourself lucky that you fight back cancer. And with advanced medical technology you can have your own baby. You just visit fertility expert he will guide you regarding IVF and Surrogacy treatment.
Be positive and stay happy.


RhondaJosh - June 5

Hey there Isabel. How are you? I hope you are okay. I am really sorry to hear about your problem. I know it must suck. I have been through it. It breaks my heart to think about your situation. Have you tried other options such as IVF or surrogacy? They might help you. Be strong. There is more to life than this. take care. good luck. hoping to hear from you soon. Love and support.


Courtney137 - August 25

Hello dear, it truly makes me extremely upset to think about you. It's tragic that you need to experience such things throughout your life. In any case, kindly don't lose trust, perhaps it's not the opportune time. In any case, I should state that you for beyond any doubt require some expert help. On the off chance that you are not willing of experiencing the entire procedure of arrangements and exchanges with the specialist. I would love to prescribe you going to Biotexcom center occasion which will happen soon. In this occasion, you'll have a shot of having an open exchange with the ability you ought to go to this occasion as Biotexcom has an extraordinary equipped staff.


hailbrown - August 29

I feel terrible. This is awful to hear. I wish such things didn't happen. Infertility's so difficult to get through. Praying for your health. Grieving from a loss like that is something I don't think I can imagine. I think you should look at alternatives such as surrogacy. Given it a thought?


jenn123 - August 29

Hey! I feel so bad. This is terrible to hear. I wish such things didn't occur. Barrenness is so hard to get past. I hope to God for your wellbeing. Sorrow from a misfortune like that is something I don't think I can envision. I figure you should take a look at choices, for example, surrogacy. Given it an idea?


37jsdhf - April 26

I understand you... It has been tough trying to stay calm outside when inside I was dying.
But I resorted to a therapist. I have had 5 m/c and eventually had to call it quits. And after becoming depressed I had no other choice rather than to book an appt. And it helped. it is now over 10 years after my unfortunate m/c and I am a proud IP.
Hope you find the way out of it.



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