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Eve - April 8

This is not a question but maybe this will help someone out there. I've been trying to get pregnant for years and finally had a test called a hysterosalpigogram where they inject dye into your fallopian tubes and then see an image on ultrasound. They found that both my tubes were completely blocked! And the dye opened them up. The whole thing took 10 minutes. Here's hoping for success!


Jen - July 5

i just had my hsg done on 07/01. both of my tubes were blocked too but the dye opened them up. Good luck to you!


aish - September 28

ho' w r u doing now any good news to share


Ladybug - November 20

I will add to that. For anyone trying to conceive for at least 1 year, I would make an appointment with your doctor and ask "specifically" to have this test done. That is what I did immediately after my 1st year of trying to conceive.
If the tubes are blocked, unblocking them right off the bat may help you conceive. If your tubes are not blocked, doing this test will tell you that your infertility problem is not from blocked tubes.


KimberlyAnn - February 8

I will be going in for my hsg after AF comes (soon). We really don't think that's my problem considering we have 2 children plus I've had 2 miscarriages but we're doing it anyway... I just hope it helps!


wannabeamom - February 19

Kimberly Ann, my doctor told my the hsg helps make you more fertile. It makes your tubes sticky or something like that. It didn't for me. But I wasn't ovulating all the time and my tubes were free of blockage. So I am on month 4 of clomid and should be ovulating now. I used an opk and I feel like I am ovulating. So I am waiting for AF to come 3/5/06. They just upped my clomid to 100mg. After 3.5 years I am ready for pregnancy. Goodluck.


Mercedes - May 4

I had a HSG also. The first one was uncomfortable and horrible, and the results showed that I had proximal blockage. Also, I bled very heavily for 2 days like I was having my period-did anybodyelse experience this?
then I went and saw a specialist and sent me off to another Doctor to attempt to have it de-blocked. The results wer that my tubes were not blocked. The second time, I did not bleed at all. I do not know whether the first uncomfortable one deblocked it, or if it was just done incorrectly. Any Suggestions? Thank you.


shelly - June 8

KimberlyAnn i don't knbow if you are still coming to this thread but i had a couple of m/c also but could no longer fall pregnant - i had test done and found i have blocked tubes and also something called asherman's which can result fron m/c's - it is scaring that stops your abilty to carry it is quiet rare so just asked to be checked for it.



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