Femara and ovary pain
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Deeva2011 - February 21

Hi Ladies,

I am new to the forums! My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years now, and we decided two months ago to see a RE. I did two rounds of clomid w/trigger shot and both failed. So, my RE gave me Femara this round. I took it on cd 3-7. Now all I feel is quick little pains in my ovaries( both sides!). They come and go. I am hoping that something good is happening. Has anyone experience such pain?


joellejack - November 22

Hey Deeva! This also happened to me when the clomide failed to work on me. My situation is very similar to yours as my RE also gave me femara in the next cycle. I experienced sharp jabbing pain in both of my ovaries but was told by my doctor that it was common for women to feel pain after a femara round, don’t worry and try to relax it usually subsides in a day or too. I hope I answered the questions sufficiently. Best of luck!


Alondra569 - November 22

Hi Deeva. I'm glad you decided to visit an RE. Two years of ttc is quite a long time. The pain you mentioned might be ovulation pain. However, it is strange that you are experiencing pain on both sides. If the pain persists, then consult your doctor.



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