Factor V Leiden Mutation
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Liz - July 8

Has anyone been diagnosed with Factor V mutation? My RE called today to say I have 1 copy of the genetic mutation. He said I could try 81mg of Aspirin until I see a hematologist. I also have PCOS so I'm beginning to feel that this pregnancy thing might not be ment for me. Any info would help


checkmate - December 13

Hi, I have been diagnosed with homozygous Factor V like both my sisters. None of us have attempted at children, but my cousin like you has one copy of the mutation. She is now 8 months pregnant. So it is possible and don't lose hope. She has been taking daily shots of lovanox to prevent clotting and will be moving to heparin soon to prepare for the birth. As for the PCOS, good luck, pregnancy is still possible for you.


Teenys Mom - April 11

Hi, I had 2 successful births, a m/c, another successful birth, and a 2nd m/c before being diagnosed with Factor V Leiden and MTHFR mutations. My sister (although untested) probably has the disorder(s) as well considering she had a blood clot recently. She had 3 healthy kids and no losses. It is possible to succeed, just don't give up. If your dr. isn't doing as much as you'd like, push the issue or find a new doctor. Do as much research as you can, so you can ask informed questions. Best wishes.



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