Clomid reaction or pregnancy symptom?
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Heidi - November 17

Hey everyone. I am on day 22 of a clomid cycle after HSG. Got my progesterone test back. It was a 24. I have a week to wait and so far only have sensitive nipples. I heard that sensitive nipples are associated with estrogen and sore, heavy breasts are associated with progesterone. It is hard not to assume EVERYTHING is a symptom, but could anyone tell me if they had sensitive nipples on clomid and didn't get pregnant? If i don't get a + this month, i will start IUI next month.


SashaP - January 27

I had alot of pregnancy symptoms with Clomed and didn't get pregnant. They're putting me on Femara which has less side affects. Good luck!


comfort - April 22

Baby girl, it is a sign of good thing. It show that your body is responding to it. I used it but it was always putting me on the fat side but result into pregnancy. So i will advice you stay on it for now instead of ivi cos you wouldn't know which is effective.



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