Clomid and sonogram
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John Smith - January 29

My wife finally took a sonogram after two monthly cycles of Chlomid. They have found a grapefruit size cyst on her ovary and now she needs surgery. We have tried for years and this is just icing on the cake.

My Question:

Do women typically get sonograms before and during clomid cycles? I read today there is a 5% chance of ovarian cysts and my wife has a history of cysts. She was supposed to get one in month one but the doctor told her not to worry about it when her period fell on a weekend. She said they can wait another month.

This past week my wife had to request the sonogram because the doctor didn't bring it up??? This seems wrong to me and if my wife hadn't requested it, things could of gone really wrong.

Any thoughts on this? Am I angry for no reason or is this doctor not taking the necessary precautions?


iampg - January 30

this is tough when you don't trust the clinician. ferttility is a big $$ spinner - people want to get paid all steps of the way. I used to work in a med office and i hate to admit that behind the scenes each patient is evaluated for how much $$ they're good for and the treatment is magically tailored to the $$. SO, say, if you're low budget, you'll get a low tech treatment. can you recall the paperwork you signed before your first appt? i have a sneaking suspicion cysts are a $$ spinner. they come and go without treatment but we've come to accept that a cyst must be treated if the pt has adequate medical coverage. your wide can get pg if you keep up the self insemination every other day for a few months - the low tech way or IVF to a full result - the high tech way. good luck, i'm glad there are some men out there who post here.



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