22 years old with fertility issues
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annieharolds4285 - June 11

went on implants but it snapped in my arms. was unnoticed for quite a bit of time, probly close to 6 months. it was bad news all over. don't wanna go on and on about it but bottom line - my hormone's went on overdose and now it looks like i can't have babies. been trying for a year, no luck. help. :(


allisonJ - June 14

well, it takes at least a year of trial and error (and luck) for women to get pregnant so if it's already been a year for you then it's about time to get treatment. you have to start seeing a fertility specialist as testing will take a few months then treatment should follow once test results come in. don't be discouraged, just start with your health care provider and go from there. :)


Isida - August 27

You should make sure that you can't have babies. Sometimes it takes more than one year to get pregnant. My friend and her husband thought they are infertile. But after 3 years of tryings, it happened. They gave birth to an amazing girl. She is 2 years old now. They are incredibly happy.
So, I believe you can do it too. Just don't give up and go to the doctor. There are a lot of different treatments nowadays. Your doctor should find the most apropriate for you. Anyway, if you find out that you are infertile, you can still have your baby. Use the surrogacy service, or adopt. Whatever you want. You still can become a loving parent. If this is your dream – do everything possible to realize it.
I just wish you good luck! Keep posting, please.


MaryAnn - August 27

you should consult at least several doctors to make sure that you can't get pregnant. As girls said, it can take more than one year to get pregnant. Try different treatments, and make sure that you've done everything possible. If you find out that you can't have babies, this will be a great reason to start looking for solutions. If you really want to become a parent, think about adoption. There are so many kids which need our love and care. You can become a real angel for one of them. Don't give up and good luck.


Anjlina - September 18

hello annieharolds4285, it's not the end dear. Don't lose your hope. sometimes it will take more than a year so there is no need to worry at all. Be positive and consult an expert, she will guide you better. There are various fertility treatments having very positive results like ivf , surrogacy , iui etc. It's better, try to conceive naturally but anyhow if it is not possible than try any of these methods depend on your medical report. Hope for the best!!!


Isabelmason - October 4

Is there any solution for infertility? Hi, I am Isabel Mason. I have recently recovered from cancer and have lost my ovaries. I have despite to conceive. To get a baby. My baby. My husband does not want to risk my life at any cost. He I know intends to grow a family. Because of my malady, he is compromising on everything. I wish I could do better in my life. I want to get this cursor cured. I have suffered a lot for this. I have severe depression because of it. Please suggest me. What do I have to do to get better? Please! Help me out


gapappeles - October 28

It just doesn't seem right that you are taking too much stress. Take it easy. I agree with Isida. I want you to focus on your health first. It is an honest suggestion. Worrying and panicking won't help you. You still have many options but taking it so adversely will make your situation worse.


lahexuddo - October 28

"Don’t lose your hope there. You are just 22. Don’t go so hard on yourself. Like others mentioned, one with resources should never think that they can’t have a baby, especially in this age of science.
There are so many medical processes, including the famous, surrogacy (I’m a fan), which if you select the right clinic and doc, will let you have your own child even when you are infertile.
With surrogacy, wife and hubby donate egg and sperms. Then the clinic you visited will start looking for the surrogate mother (receiver). That woman will give birth to the child and you will be the mother ?
Let me know if you need to discuss surrogacy further, I'll b happy to help. Also, I know of one of the best clinics out there."


enyfeke - October 28

"Oh, common love! Why are you getting this all upset about? Those feelings you are having these days surely suck. Acknowledged, but you should keep your hopes high and continue visiting the specialists. I'm sure you will conceive soon. Also, keep posting here and let us know how the checkups and appointments with doc go.
Stay strong!"


joporraffi - November 3

That is so sad to hear. I hope you make a speedy recovery. The important thing to remember is to not give up. You are only 22. You have your whole life ahead of you. If natural conception does not work out for you, then there are always other options. Are you familiar with surrogacy? I have heard that it can do wonders for infertile couples.


enyfeke - November 4

"22 and depression - I heard someone say that in your early 20's, depression makes small day-to-day problems seem overwhelming and the associated pain unbearable. Well, here I witness [just kidding]

I will agree with everyone here that you are overthinking it. Since our women's brain works in mysterious ways, even you are worried, let the doctors take that away from you by paying them a few visits. There are so many treatments out there - go on and I'm sure your doc will see which one suits you best."



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