Herbs For Conception

Use Of Herbs-An Ancient Practice

The use of herbs as a healing method is well known and widely accepted. Besides healing the sick, herbs have been used for thousands of years as a remedy for infertility. Once used predominantly in teas, fertility herbs made from roots, leaves, bark, fruits and flowers now come in pill form and as a tablet as well. It is believed that specific herbs have a positive effect upon the hormonal system, reproductive organs, and the sex drive of both men and women. Women tend to receive the greatest benefit when herbs are used relative to menstrual irregularities and both men and women benefit from them when it involves hormonal issues.

Herbs That Benefit Women

Red clover, which nourishes the uterus, relaxes the nervous system and balances hormones, is high in calcium, vitamins, and magnesium. It is one of the most popular remedies for women. Raspberry leaf nourishes the uterus and is most effective when blended with red clover. Stimulation of the pituitary gland, which produces estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone (the sex hormones), is accomplished with the use of Chaste tree berry. Used in the treatment of menopause as well as to prevent miscarriage, the phytoestrogens in black cohosh are said to improve hormonal functioning. Another herb that doubles as a menopause herb is dong quai. Along with balancing estrogen levels, it also improves the chances of embryo implantation. To encourage ovulation, false unicorn root is suggested. Stinging nettle and Lady's mantle are both instrumental in regulating menstruation and building up the uterine lining.

Herbs That Benefit Men

The list for men is shorter, but the herbs suggested are effective. Panax ginseng, known as Chinese or Korean ginseng, is regularly used in Chinese medicine. It is believed to increase testosterone levels, sperm count, and sperm motility. Another herb, which may improve sperm motility and count, is astralagus. To increase levels of testosterone and regulate male hormones, tribulus is recommended and saw palmetto, which is frequently used for prostate health, has been shown to improve fertility in men.

Mixing Herbal And Conventional Medicine

Combinations of these herbs are also used as remedies for conception health. A properly trained naturopath or herbalist is the person to see when it comes to knowing which herbs are best for your particular situation. Most conventional medical doctors do not recommend or acknowledge the use of herbs as a remedy for fertility issues since there is no conclusive evidence that fertility herbs help increase fertility.

While fertility herbs are natural, caution should be taken when combining them with a fertility drug program. They can cause adverse reactions when combined with other herbs or drugs, sometimes causing serious side effects. It is important that the health care provider be advised of any herbs you are planning to take during a fertility program.

Even though the use of fertility herbs to aid in conception is an ancient practice, there is little regulation on it and the FDA does not regulate herbs. Therefore, caution is recommended. If you want to use herbal remedies for fertility, find a fertility specialist who uses herbs in his/her practice.

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