Men's Test Costs

The basic fertility test for men is the semen analysis. The amount you'll pay to have this test done differs according to the prices set by your fertility clinic. Prices at different clinics vary greatly. The average cost is estimated at $25 to $35, which is relatively inexpensive. However, there are clinics that charge up to $100 or more. You'll have to look around for a price that suits you at a clinic you trust.

Remember that not all fertility clinics are equally good. Those with higher pregnancy rates may charge more, and perhaps it's worth paying a slightly higher price for their services. They may do more accurate laboratory work than the cheaper clinics.

Home Test Costs

Homes tests are an alternative to the laboratory procedure, however, they may not necessarily be cheaper. Home tests also often measure only one aspect of fertility - sperm concentration - whereas lab tests also measure sperm motility (ability to move) and morphology (structure). Laboratories have the resources to perform a number of advanced tests to assess sperm quality.

Home semen analysis tests which do assess sperm quality can easily be more expensive than a semen analysis in a lab. What you're paying for is the privacy factor. Remember that home test results can be confusing and may require a doctor's interpretation in any case, which simply adds to the overall testing costs.

Insurance Coverage

Few fertility procedures are covered by medical insurance, because many of them are very expensive. The semen analysis, however, is one test which just might be covered. There are 15 states in the US in which insurance companies are legally obliged to cover the cost of semen analyses for infertile couples. These states are (in alphabetical order): Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and West Virginia. Elsewhere, insurance providers can choose whether or not to cover the costs of semen testing; many choose not to. Make sure you read the small print of your insurance policy before making a decision about where you want to have your test done and how much you are willing to pay.

Hidden Costs

Many couples don't factor in the costs of pre-test and post-test consultations in the semen analysis price. Inquire with your clinic as to how much these appointments cost, and whether or not this is included in the total price.

Transport costs to the clinic, and lost earnings through time taken off work (if any) should also be considered.

Surgical Tests

A semen analysis is not the only male fertility test available. However, surgical tests, such as testicular biopsy, are unlikely to be recommended as an initial testing procedure. Likewise, tests for Klinefelter syndrome or other male infertility-causing conditions are not likely to be a fertility doctor's first course of action. The prices of such tests also vary, but are likely to be much higher than the price of a semen test. It's unlikely that your medical insurance covers the costs of such tests.

Payment Schemes

If expensive male fertility tests are required, many clinics will accept staggered payments on a monthly basis. Some clinics provide discounts on test packages. There are also loan companies which grant loans to couples who need financial help to cover the cost of fertility testing.

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