Little-Known Reproductive Facts

You thought you knew everything about sex until you decided it was time to get pregnant and then…didn't. It seems that making love may be more complicated than you thought. Might there be some love-making tips you can learn to fine-tune the process and make conception possible? Are there sexual no-no's for helping you conceive?

*The Pill. If you've been on the pill or you just had your IUD taken out, don't assume you're good to go. It may take awhile for your full fertility to return—as much as 3 months to half a year. However, this doesn't mean you can't become pregnant and you may want to use a different type of contraceptive during this time if you are not trying to become pregnant.

*Make sure you make love during the fertile days of your menstrual cycle. For the average woman, fertility peaks on the 14th day after your period begins.

High Count

*Don't have sex every day. Men need to ejaculate every other day to have a high count of fertile sperm.

*Opt for morning sex, when his sperm counts are highest.

*Nix all lubricants except for the one called Pre-Seed. The others kill sperm.

Don't Douche

*If you douche, you'll wash out all that baby-making sperm. Let it er, mellow.

*It won't make much difference, sperm are nothing but persistent in their journey toward the cervix, but still, it can't hurt to give the little guys a boost by using the missionary, doggy-style, or side-by-side positions. Gravity isn't just a theory.

*Avoid letting your partner perform oral sex on you, since this sex act can change the pH balance of your cervical mucus, making it hard for you to conceive.

Avoid Infection

*Don't have anal sex prior to regular vaginal intercourse, since you risk introducing bacteria into your vagina that may cause infection. Infections can lead to miscarriage or even infertility.

*Ditto sex toys. They are carriers of bacteria. Not the environment you want for your new embryo.

*No hot-tub sex. The hot, hot water of the hot tub is a sperm-killer.

Stay Inside

*Keep your partner inside you for awhile after love-making so that his penis acts as a kind of plug to keep his sperm inside of you for a longer amount of time.

*Stay still for around 20 minutes after sex, or longer if you can. Propping your lower back with pillows is optional, but some swear by this part.

*Get creative with foreplay. The better the foreplay, the more lubricant you'll produce to aid the sperm in their swim toward the golden egg.

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