Choosing The Right Clinic Or Doctor Risks

If you are considering treatments for infertility (such as IUI), finding the right doctor and/or the right clinic to guide you along your way is critical. Infertility cases require expert evaluation, diagnosis, counseling, and treatment, and couples must do their homework to learn how to choose fertility professionals for themselves.

Risks of Receiving Substandard Care

Receiving substandard care for infertility can be costly to both couples and their babies. Some of these risks originate from:

•- Doctors or healthcare providers who misrepresent themselves as "fertility specialists" when they have little expert knowledge or experience

•- Doctors and fertility clinics who do not treat each couple as an individual case

•- Fertility doctors who are not available 24/7 for couples undergoing treatments for infertility

•- Fertility doctors and clinics who do not patiently answer all questions in an unbiased and open manner

Treatment Risks

- Beware of fertility professionals who are overly aggressive in the administration of fertility drugs, which can lead to complications such as multiple births and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

- Beware of fertility professionals who do not fully explain all the options and risk factors associated with treatments such as IUI

- Beware of fertility professionals who do not closely monitor a woman's cycle throughout her pregnancy to detect potential complications and who do not conduct tests such as ultrasounds, physical checkups, and estrogen levels.

Inadequate Emotional Support

Infertility is an emotionally draining, anxiety-provoking, and often painful process for couples. Difficult decision-making might be required, such as choosing between sperm or egg donors, surrogacy, and adoption. To cope with this journey, expert guidance and advice is essential.

To avoid the risk of receiving inadequate emotional support, be sure to seek a licensed therapist or counselor who specializes in fertility issues and who can provide a safe environment to discuss all issues.

Other Risks

Price: "Expensive" doesn't always mean "best" when it comes to fertility treatments, so do your homework diligently. Keep in mind that quoted prices often do not include the costs of medications, which can be substantial over the course of treatment, depending on rate of treatment success. Be sure to ask if your insurance will cover treatment and drug costs.

Success Ratings: Fertility doctors or clinics that boast high success rates may not deal with your particular fertility issues. Be sure to ask targeted questions to determine if a particular doctor or clinic is right for you.

Changing Doctors: If you find your relationship with your doctor or clinic lacking in any way, don't fall into the trap of staying put. You are your strongest advocate and you deserve top-notch care that meets your needs. If you are not happy with your chosen fertility specialists, look elsewhere!

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