Hi-Tech Ovulation Prediction

So you've discovered that getting pregnant isn't as easy as getting ahead in business, or marrying the perfect man. Join the club, Honey. A lot of us are in the same boat.

But while 21st century women have a high rate of infertility, they also have a variety of hi-tech solutions they can turn to for help. Take, for instance, ovulation prediction kits. They may be expensive, but the good ones are accurate, and may just help you determine the right time for some baby-making love.

Luteinizing Hormone

Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK), for instance, can be used mid-cycle, when you are likely to ovulate. OPK tests your urine for LH (luteinizing hormone) levels and can help you figure out the exact date on which ovulation will occur. Just before you ovulate, there's a spike in your levels of LH. This happens around 36 hours prior to ovulation. When you see the spike, it's time to have some good old conception sex that day and then again, skipping one day. Under these conditions, both you and your partner will be at your most fertile.

Saliva also changes during the period of ovulation. Some women invest in an ovulation microscope to determine their fertile time. As you near ovulation, your estrogen levels rise, increasing the salinity of your oral secretions. If you look at your saliva under a microscope you will see the saliva structure change. These changes take the form of crystals.

To test your saliva this way, gather a sample as soon as you wake up before you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. You gather the sample by swabbing your tongue. The sample is then viewed under the lens of the microscope.

Gradual Changes

Take the time to record your daily results. The changes in your saliva are different than those seen with OPK because these changes are gradual. You should be able to generate a working chart of your fertility if you are faithful to take, view, and record your samples over the course of several months. This method is ideal for women who have irregular menstrual cycles. It should teach you how to predict when ovulation is nearing.

Of course, best of all is to use several ovulation prediction methods at once. By assessing several types of information, you increase the accuracy of your ovulation prediction. And that means you get that much closer to getting pregnant.

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