Herbs for Fertility

The causes of infertility can be complex and difficult to diagnose in some cases even with all the advances in medical research and modern medical care. There are some naturalists who believe that certain herbs can increase fertility.

There are few medical studies published in reputable medical journals that back up this claim. This doesn't mean that herb therapies won't work to help treat infertility; however caution needs to be taken. Not everyone can take all herbs and some herbs may conflict with any medications you're currently taking.

If your doctor is open to natural therapies, discuss herb therapy with him or her and get approval. Be aware that not all doctors are open to herb use and will automatically suggest against it.

Preparing for Conception

Many who promote the use of natural therapies to solve physical ailments suggest the following herbs as a way to prepare for conception.


This herb has been traditionally used to increase egg health, lower FSH levels, increase libido in men and women, balance women's hormonal levels and increase sperm motility, seminal volume and sperm count per ejaculation. It can be used to treat endometriosis

It works by stimulating and nourishing the pituitary gland which helps balance the entire endocrine system and balance hormone levels. It balances estrogen and progesterone levels in both men and women. It should be taken daily.

Dong Quai

This herb has been traditionally used to treat menstrual problems including irregular periods, missed or delayed periods and short periods with heavy cramping. Some women who have been taking birth control pills to keep their cycles regular have quit taking the pills and successfully maintained regular cycles with don quai.

It promotes blood flow to the pelvis and balances anemia and any iron deficiencies. It relaxes the uterus and nervous system. Dong quai should not be used during pregnancy or those who have hemorrhagic diseases or anyone taking any type of blood thinning medication.

Low Sperm Count

Some men's infertility problems like low sperm count and sperm mobility can also be treated with herbs. Maca (see description above) can help with sperm volume and mobility. The Asian herb Tribulus Terrestris can also help sperm health and even decrease the effects of sperm antibodies.

Increase Quality of Cervical Mucus

The correct consistency of cervical mucus helps sperm move freely to the cervix. Evening Primrose Oil is said to increase cervical mucus because it contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential, polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps the body produce prostaglandins that maintain hormone and chemical levels in the body.


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