Getting Pregnant After The Pill

The reason so many women choose the pill for birth control is that its pregnancy prevention powers are reversible. If you use the pill, your long-term fertility is not placed in jeopardy.

Nothing Wrong

While there's nothing wrong with trying to conceive as soon as you stop taking the pill, a lot of women find that full fertility doesn't return for anywhere from 3-6 months. Many women like to go off the pill half a year before they plan to conceive and use an alternative method of contraception during this time. You will know your full fertility has been restored once you have had several regular menstrual periods.

By waiting until your normal menstrual cycle is reestablished, you have some control over the timing of conception. You can chart your most fertile times and figure out the best times to have conception sex. You can ensure that your baby's due date falls at a time that is convenient. Another important reason to chart is that through this simple act, you are establishing, as close as possible, the date of conception, so that your doctor will be more informed about your baby's developmental status.

The pill does its magic by preventing ovulation. The minute you stop taking the pill, the hormones it supplies to your body begin to dissipate. This process takes only a couple of days.

Natural Functions

After the contraceptive hormones are gone, your body will begin its own natural reproductive functions. You will begin to make egg follicles which will at some point lead to ovulation. You may need only a couple of weeks to start ovulating again, while other women may require a few months for their ovulation to be restored.

On the other hand, if you had problems with ovulatory dysfunction before you took the pill, you may still find yourself beset with these problems. Some women take the pill to regulate their periods and ovulation. But this is only a temporary measure. Expect the problem to return when you discontinue the pill.

There are no safety issues or problems in getting pregnant after stopping the pill, even if it is the day after you cease to use the contraceptive. Once you stop taking the pill, the hormones leave your body. Some women, a small number, have become pregnant while on the pill, and no risks to the fetus have been demonstrated.

Pregnancy Tests

Though the pill changes your levels of estrogen and progesterone, both fertility-related hormones, this will not have any effect on pregnancy test results. Pregnancy tests assess your levels of HCG rather than the hormones you would find contained in the pill.

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Hi. I stop using pills for 2months now (march) then I had my period the month after (april). My bf and i did not have sex after my period. I have brown discharge for a week now. Im supposed to have my next period today but i still see brown blood. Am i pregnant?