what should i do???
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leah - July 18

i have 2 big follicles after 4 cycles of IUI. i heard there is a chance of having multiple birth with IUI procedure. i am very worried as i don't think i can afford to raise twins or triplets. what should i do???


jerah - July 21

i had 4 follicles and had twins with IUI procedure. so i guess it's true! ask your OB/GYNE's advice, they might come up with solution.


ciarra44 - July 23

i also had 4 follicles with IUI but my DH decided to reduce so i only got pregnant with 1. talk to your DH and ask for option if that is your concern.


yzza - July 26

i had 2 big follicles but got pregnant to only 1. i have no idea if my gyne did something since she knew it very well that i don't want to have multiple births.



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