Strange bleeding following surgery?
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MarciC - December 16

Hey y'all -

I have a little boy who is 3 :-) But since him we have lost 3 children, all about 10-12 weeks along - I just had my first hysteroscopy where he removed 2 fibroids - My biggest concern though, is that after this procedure, and after some of the DNCs I've had to have, I will bleed light and "normally" for a few days, then as my activity even slightly increases, or if I experience some stress, I will start bleeding sudden gushes of bright red blood. After my first DNC this went on for months. I would not bleed for weeks then sudden rush of blood. Also, with each of my recent pregnancies, I was told of blood clots in the womb. Now after my hysteroscopy and fibroid removal, I bled very lightly for 2 days, then this morning started moving around more at church and suddenly, a lot of bright red blood. I haven't been able to get a straight answer from any doctor on this. Anyone else experience similar?


wishingstar - July 3

you had 3 miscarriage right? i think it would be best if you take a break from trying for like 2 years at least or up until your period returns to normal. stress can also be one factor but you have to see a specialist that can run a test for you.



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