period problems -- Can some
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cole02 - May 17

I am 32 yrs old and have not gotten my period for more than 2 months. My dr. says if I don't get it she will put me on progesterone to bring it on. When I was in high school I didn't get them either so they put me on the pill. Is this a sign to show that I will have difficulty getting pregnant? When I turned 30 my periods were like clock work every 28 days, now I don't know if it's stress or what?? Also in another month if I don't get my period my dr. will do blood work. And at one point last month I thought I was getting my period but only got a light brown discharge and then nothing ...could that be my period or a miscarriage ( I didn't have much pain or anything.)


DAS - May 17

Have you thought about over the counter herbs? I have a couple friends who swear by them. If you search around, you may find a few sites that tell which to use. Obviously, you doctor would be the best bet. But no, it doesn't mean that you will never concieve. If you can get your periods 'regular' you should have the same chance as everyone else. The key is finding out what the problem is and taking the neccessary steps to resolve it. I wish I could remember what my friend took. I hope you are successful.


cole02 - May 18



XxamberxX - July 25

Hi I've had same problem. I'm 27 got 2 kids age 7 and 5. I was ttc from February. Had my last period in may my doctor did a blood test and I found out I've got high prolactin so I've got no chance to conceive til the levels go bk to normal. I think you should get a blood test done to


cha-cha - July 3

it's just an old blood usually, i also get that once in a while and it's normal among women so no worries.



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