low progesterone after two children
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kme2 - January 2

Hello, I am new to this site. I have two kids 4 and 2 1/2. Went off the nuva ring in August and found out in October my progesterone (due to bleeding that lasted 22 days) was only 0.7. I went on clomid 50mg and my progesterone went up to 8.4. Dr put me on 100mg of clomid in December days 5-9. I am now on day 19. I have had cramping since day 14. Is the cramping just an effect of the clomid? I go on day 22 for another progesterone level and i'm really getting anxious. I know this is only my second round of clomid, but concieving with my first two was so easy! I have also read some negative things about clomid and how it effects your lining and CM. This is really stressful. If anyone has had this problem a little support or even some success stories would be great. It seems like most of what you find on the internet is pretty discouraging.


3rdbabyhopes - March 26

Hi kme2, I don't have a success story for you (yet) but I do have a similar story so I thought I'd share. I have two children aged 4 and 2. I got pregnant again (planned) in March 2009 but sadly I miscarried the baby at the end of April. We decided to wait a couple of months before trying again but have now been trying for about 8 months with no success. Finally, I decided to go to my OB to get things checked out. My hormones are on the low side so he has started me on Clomid - 50 mg from CD 2-6. I took my last pill two days ago and will go on cycle day 12 to see if I have produced any mature eggs. So here's hoping and praying. Though we feel so blessed to already have 2 beautiful, healthy children we really would like to have a third and maybe even a fourth. Hope things go well for you this month!


natchat70 - July 8

Hi, also not exactly a success story. I have secondary infertility. First child was conceived naturally 4.5 years ago. I took a long time deciding to get fertility treatment as I couldn't believe I was infertile. I spoke to my fertility dr. who said that because me issue is now my age (39), eggs are slightly low and fsh is a tiny bit high, and my cycles are like clockwork she didn't think clomid was necessarily the answer. It is usually used if you have problems with irregular cycles but still have plenty of eggs as it won't necessarily produce more follicles so we decided to try clomid one month unsuccessfully and went straight to FSH injections, which stimulate the ovaries to let out more eggs. We had 5 good sized follicles on FSH and one egg was successful, but we miscarried at 5 weeks. Anyway, we're starting again next month after a few months break. Miscarriage after years of trying was very emotional for me. Anyway, if you are a little older maybe ask your doctor about FSH. Also, from what I understand clomid is relatively safe as long as you don't keep using it for too many months. I think 6 months max. Let's face it, messing with our hormones and reproductive organs is not normal so there is going to be a risk of adverse reaction in your body. We just need to keep everything else healthy - good diet, exercise, relax as much as possible. All the best of luck.



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