How many eggs per follicle?
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afcol - November 15

Hello. I just started my first Clomi IUI round. I have one dominant follicle about 21 mm and i was curious if only egg is to one follicle? I was reading someone else's history and they had twins with just one big follicle? Is this possible?


elizabeth - June 9

no i don't think so. one can never get pregnant with twins with only 1 mature follicle even if it's big. i know someone who had 2 follicles. 1 mature and the other is so small. she got pregnant and it was twins.


karla - July 17

it's possible. i know someone who had 2 follicles and had triplets. however, i think it also runs in the family since her mother in law has twin.


samantha - July 21

my doctor once said that there is a big chance to have twins with one big
follicle because there is a possibility for this big follicle to split. oh well, it does make sense.


leonora - July 23

i guess doctors have different conclusions.i spoke to my doctor about this and he said that it is rare to have twins while on clomid even if follicle is big or multiple follicles. chances are 5%.



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