How many are having trouble ttc for #2 or higher?
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jenolina - December 27

Hi All,
I am also in this boat with all of you. I have a 2 year old, no troubles conceiveing him. Now I have been trying a year for #2. I am having an hsg today...heard that increases fertility chances for 3 months afterward. I had a uterine infection 10 days postpartum and had to have a D&C. The MD says this could have lead to my infertility. Anyone else out there have a similar experience with infection? Also, for thos of you on Clomid, how long were you trying and what else did you try before taking Clomid?


alihanif - May 22

hi there, seems lots of peps with the same prob as me. I have a 31/2 yr daughter, have been trying for well over a yr, had tests both me and hubby all came back good, just been put onto clomid, but seem very unsure what it actually does if all my hormones are working ok......I so want another one....ali


blacksh - December 8

We have been ttc#2 for 3 1/2 yrs. We have a 5yrold, no problem getting prego with him. Trying first round of follitim injections. I screwed up and gave myself the hcg shot when I should have given the lupron, now Dr said no need to try the IUI this month.


Damienne - January 31

Secondary infertility here...unfortunately. I have a son who is 3 1/2yrs, conceived w/no problems for him, but almost lost him at 6 weeks for no explainable reason. He is healthy, was born at 38weeks, no probs. We waited until he turned one to start trying again, and NOTHING! I have had a cortisol challenge test to r/o congenital adrenal hyperplasia. it was negative. Good news....has HSG, tubes are clear, husband also tested and is not the problem. I am so sick and tired on the monthly BFN and AF! So I am on cd 6 and day 4 of clomid. Hopefully this is the answer. I think it is so hard having secondary infertility b/c you have been pregnant and know what you are missing AND I have an inquisitive 3yr old who asks almost daily where his brother is. =(


19mo. TTT #3 - February 3

i agree so much. i had no problems with 1 or 2 during pregnancy. My second had a congenital heart defect witch was corrected with surgery and meds till he was 6mo. Noone wants me to have another, especially my mom who was with me through it all. now i am remarried and have a wonderful husband who would definately be there through it all even though there is only a 2% chance of it happening again. It just really hurts cause my sister in law had a lil girl about 6mo ago and didn't want it, my mother in law has her all the time. And my BFF had our god son 10mo ago and my two love him to death. My yougest is going to be 4 and ask when we are having a baby here to stay. All i can say is were working on it. I am on my third cycle of clomid and think we might have to take a break next month since my doc wil only give it for 6mo. We cant afford a RE so i am just going to a gyno. Sorry this is so long, but i am glad to find someone in the same situation as me.
Lots of baby dust your way


rodaream - January 26

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