hoping to conceive
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Sarah - March 17

My husband and I have been diagnosed with secondary infertility. I'm 42 and he's 45. Has anyone been in the same situation? Where you able to get pregnant? How - naturally or with some help? I would really like to get pregnant again but am scared it will never happen.


Amy - March 23

My husband and I had three kids then suddenly couldn't get pregnant any more. I was 44 and he was 41. We ended up using fertility drugs which were enough to get us pregnant and now we have four beautiful children. Just be patient, get some medical help and everything will work out.


May - March 30

I am 29 and have a son that is 3. We have been trying for over a year for our second with no results. I just ordered and started taking Ovulex. It is some natural herbal thing that is supposed to get your body it tip top shape for pregnancy. We will see!!! I have had my tubes checked, progestorone, and all kinds of other bloodwork. Can't seem to find a problem. I will let you know about this Ovulex. It seems to have worked for a lot of people. It is so frustrating when people are constantly asking when you will have another etc. Baby dust to you!!! Hope we both have babies soon.


Krystal - April 18

I am 24 and have had no trouble getting pregnant. I have been pregnant 5 times!!! I only have one child. He is a blessing in every sense of the word. I really want to have another, so I understand how it feels. There is a sense of being that us mothers have come to know. Our children are our life. I think that I'm afraid that if I don't have any more children... I may not have a life. Take all of the steps that you think you can handle in having another baby. I hope and pray that everything works out for all of you. Don't forget to focus on other talents and goals that you have.


ILissa - June 10

May>> where did you get that Ovulex and if you don't mind me asking how much does it cost?? Thanks


daniella - July 26

amy, i don't wanna sound judgemental but at your age, you're unlikely to get pregnant the natural way. however, if you wanted it so badly, ask doctor's advice.



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