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janelle christine - August 10

is 30 to old to have a baby?


Brittany_Poteat1621 - September 20



rodaream - January 26

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j3ssica - June 27

janelle, i don't think 30 is old enough to have baby. age doesn't really matter as long as you are physically and emotionally healthy and in capable of taking care a child then it's perfectly fine!!! that's all it takes.


Anjlina - September 19

Hey janelle, I don't think so that. 30 is not so late to have a baby. I am 26 and recently married (six months ago.) We both (Me and my DH)are not ready for family planning at least for 3-4 years. Usually, people start their married life in this age as at present time everyone wants to be successful- a good career- reputed job or business, a well-qualified partner and all it usually requires that much time. And I also saw many cases in which a woman of 30+ conceive easily. so don't worry dear... Take Care....


snjeza1 - September 24

30 is a very good yearto conceive a baby. Don't worry. Woman today are decide to have a baby in 40s. If you are healthy you shouldn't have a problem to conceive and during a pregnancy. Today is normal for woman to have a baby in 30s or later.


janajana1 - September 24

If you don't have medical problem you wont have a problem to conceive in 30s. It's not all about the age. You are in good ages and if you are in good shape you wont have a problem. When you come in 40s you still can conceive. Maybe for a second or third time?


susy123 - September 24

Hi! I think that you wont have a problem to conceive. You are not to old. Are you and your husband healthy? If you are not to worry. You still can have not only one baby. Good luck dear.


emma spencer - September 26

Before it gets later at the age of 36 year. We start trying to conceive. Being a passionate a programmer is not an easy job. I was in industry from 15 years. My job was desk job. To sit and code all night all day. I achieve success in early life. Me and my husband met at the office. So, we are pretty much aware of each other routines. For a long time, we don’t feel need to have kid.
Due to long term use of contraceptive pills cause shrinked endometrial lining. Also, my sedentary life style made it more complex. Met many doctors in different states. Took all the medications but everything in vain. I really pray for some miracle, because I never felt this dire need of a kid with the passage of time.



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