Got pregnant after waiting for 20yrs.herbs and spiritual way
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sherison - June 20

Hello Everyone i am Sheri from Houston Tx,i am on here to share my testimony,so that people who are hopeless can gain from it,when i was 19 i had a boyfriend,3 months after we met i got pregnant for him,i told him about this and said he s not ready for babies now,i had to abort it,this happened 2 more times and the doctor told me i should never try abortion again in my life,but we made a mistake again and i went on with the abortion by using some medication,i had a lot of bleeding and i was rushed to the clinic where i was told i had a damaged womb,the doctor said i wont be able to conceive again in life,few months later i and my bf path ways,i got married when i was 25,i and my husband tried all ways to get baby with no luck,i tried for almost 20 years,when i was 44 i read about a powerful woman,i visited her website and i read a lot of testimonies,i decided to contact her for help,she told me i am gonna conceive and have baby boy,she said i should provide some information,i did and she said i should go meet with my man and check for pregnancy test in 3 to 5 weeks,i did all she said i should do,surprisingly i did the test at exactly 5 weeks and it was positive,i couldn\'t believe it,i went to the doctor to confirm and it was positive,months later i put to bed and i have a baby boy,I am a living testimony of this great woman,she made the impossible possible,if not for her i wouldn\'t have become a mom,she is really the lord sent.
I am writing this to tell people its not over until its over,never give up and keep trying till the end.
If you have problems or delays in getting pregnant you can visit her website to learn more.



xoxo - July 3

sorry to say but it sounds so impossible and superficial. pls don't get me wrong, i believe in miracles but only God's miracle and not anyone else's. do you mind posting here the website?


natalika2017 - December 1

Good afternoon! I'm very glad that you got your happiness. Through such problems, you became the mother of a wonderful boy. You have gone through a very difficult path, made many mistakes in life. If a person has made a decision to believe and expect God's answer to his problem, one must act according to his faith. In one of his books, David Jonggi Cho talks about a woman to whom doctors said she will never have children. But this woman prayed for the child to God.
According to her faith, she even moved furniture in the room and bought a baby cot for a future child. Everyone said that she was crazy. Above her laughed. But she persevered to buy what she needed for the baby. She continued to stand in faith. And God accomplished a miracle. She gave birth to a child in spite of her illness, contrary to circumstances and misunderstanding of others.
"Death and life are at the mercy of the tongue" is spoken in parables 18:22. You can curse words and revive them. Try to always speak the right words in relation to yourself, your body, your family. God never deprives children, on the contrary. He gives them. Children steal the devil. He must resist.
Let us recall two more remarkable examples from the Bible. The mother of the prophet Samuel, who prayed in the temple about the child and promised to give it to the Lord. She poured out her heart before God. She did not pay attention to how it looks in the eyes of people. Another woman - Sarah, the wife of Abraham - gave birth to a child at the age of 90 by the faith of her centenary husband. Although she could not have a child in her younger years. It was a real miracle from the Lord. Abraham was sure and hoped for the Lord. Was obedient to the Lord - and a miracle happened.
The Lord has created a miracle in your life. This woman's prayers now have a child. Take care of it. Do good deeds. Help people who are in such a problem.



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