dilated tube
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tronyx - June 14

I have had 3 failed ivf attempts. After the third failure I was told I have a hydrosalpinx in my only tube. The tube is open but dilated. Has anyone gotten pregnant with a dilated(hydrosalpinx) tube. Or has anyone had a successful IVF after removal of a dilated (ydrosalpinx) tube.


lalai - June 9

how blocked your tube is? is it both dilated or what? if only 1 is dilated then there's still chance with one tube as long as it's perfectly fine...


mara79 - June 27

i did have a hydrosalpinx tube that was removed after a failed IVF cycle and it did worked the next time. but i won't suggest you to have it removed without getting laproscopy for a better look on how bad it is. best of luck.



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