Confused about conception
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selinadylan247 - October 11

Hey guys. My problem is a little long. So do bear with me. I got married 14 years ago. Me and my husband were quite excited to start a family. But in a twist of fate, it turned out that I was infertile. I am not going to run down the medical details of my "rare" uterus problem. Simply our, my uterus is a bad environment for sperm cells. Hence they die before reaching the egg. I was very devastated of course. I tried to learn coping techniques. I also became a common sight at fertility clinics. But neither did any technique help me recover, nor did I find a cure. So as a last resort, I am considering surrogacy. I have also heard of a good clinic in Ukraine that specializes in this. But there is a part of me that doesnt want to go through with it. Mainly because I have been brought up to believe that its an unnatural way of conceiving. And there is another part of me that wants to be a mother desperately. So what should I do? I was hoping to get some suggestions from you all. Do drop some in the comments. Thank you.



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