Anyone experienced this?
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Wendy - March 4

I'm 41 and have 3 kids. We've been trying for a baby for over two years with no results. What's going on? Am I too old or should I go for tests?


Shaneithia - March 9

Wendy, I think you should see your OBGYN. I have a 10 yr old and didn't know that I had secondary infertility until 6 yrs after he was born when I was diagnosed with it. Since then, I did conceive with the help of some fertility drugs, but it ended in ectopic. Still ttc again but I probably wouldn't have conceived the last time if I hadn't gone to my OBGYN for a fertility work up. Good luck!


Kelly - March 17

YOU'RE NOT TOO OLD but definitly go see you your OBGYN. If you're over 35 and have been trying to for 6 months with no results they say you should go see someone. Even if you weren't over 35, you should still go to your OBGYN if you've been trying for a year or more with no pregnancy. GOOD LUCK!


May - March 30

Hey. It is very frustrating isn't it? We have been trying for alittle over a year for our second. I have had all kinds of test with no problems found with the exception of a little bit of an overactive thyroid. Anyway, I heard about this natural pill called Ovulex. It is supposed to get your body in tip top shape for pregnancy. I just started taking it 10 days ago and have heard it has helped a lot of others. I will keep you updated!!!


krystal - April 18

having a baby after 35 comes with alot of risks. You have been blessed already with 3 children. You may find it less taxing to your health and the well being of your family to talk about adoption. I know it's not the same, but maybe your child, the one that you desire doesn't come from your belly.
I am finding that the tests and procedures are hard, spending and won't work right away (if at all). Take what you've got and don't forget to count your blessings... Even if it only 3


lemi - May 21

hi, i'm 29(almost 30) and i have a daughter who's almost 10 yrs. my ovaries were polycystic and i was on treatment since more than 2 yrs.been trying for feb i had a m\ was an ectopic ,but thank God i didn't lose my tube coz i was given a methotrexate shot. now after 3 mnths i had an hsg done and found out that there aren't any blocks in my tubes.the doc said i can start trying now.i've got a scan on monday to find out if i'm ovulating. hope everything goes fine. Wendy ,don't worry about conceiving..especially coz u've 3 kids already and there's someone I know who conceived at 45 for the 1st time after treatment and she's delivered a healthy baby girl! all the best Wendy...and for the rest of u too!


lemi - May 21

I had an ectopic in february ,but the methotrexate shot saved my tubes.i'm almost 30 now and i've a daughter who's gonna be 10 and i desperately want one more.i've been trying for 3-4yrs and was on treatment since more than 2 ovaries are polycystic and had a very irregular cycle.but since 4mnths my cycles became regular .a few days back i had an hsg test done and the results were block in my tubes(thank God!) my doc said i can start trying this time .got a scan on monday to find out if i'm ovulating. hope everything goes fine this time. Wendy..don't worry ,coz u're lucky enough to have 3 kids and u still have a chance. i know someone who got pregnant at 45 for the first time after treatment and delivered a healthy baby girl! All the best to u and the rest of u too!


lemi - May 21

i'm really sorry for the repetition...i thought the 1st one didn't get posted.


ILissa - June 10

Wendy you have three kids already and 2 years id very long I would really go see a doctor...If you are like most of us and don't have INS then I'm not sure what to do...sorry for not helping much..good luck :>


ILissa - June 10

I wanted to say to that I'm 25 and have one child and we have been trying for 5 months and nothing...crazy ain't it ... You would think we would have no poblems..if I knew we would have his much trouble then I would have started after having my child!


jossie - July 6

Me and my husband started trying for our second baby when our first was 1 year old and because i was only 21 i thought it would happen right away but it took us 2 years so it can happen to anyone at any age.We are thinking of trying for baby no3 but are prepared this time for it to take a while if at all.I would advise you to see you're doctor and also good luck!.I hope all goes well.


Mimi - July 11

I am 40 years old and have 2 daughters. I have been trying for 8 months and have had no success. I started to take Ovulex and hoping that will help. Please make sure you are taking folic acid tablets as well. There is this site for women over 40 who have and are still having babies with no complications. I just have to look it up and provide it for u when I get home since I have it in my favorites there. When u go there, I think it will encourage you more and give you a little more insight of having a baby after 35. It MAY bring complications but it is not always the case. I wish you the best of luck and hang on to that hope. Definitely, after a year of trying, every woman should perhaps try to see their ob/gyn just to be sure all is well. I also learned that just because u were able to get pregnant before does not mean that will always be the case. Best of luck to you. :)



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