All in hopeing for babys...TTC #2...or 3 ex...VENT!
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ILissa - June 10

I can't not get over how hard this is getting!" I never thought trying for # 2 was going to be this hard! If you need to vent then do so, if you just need to talk then do so.~*baby dust~*~*~!


MelissaS - June 14

Good morning lissa! I am needing support today. I just feel like crying! I just found out that a friend is pg. While I am happy for her it just kills me because she and I were pg with our first together. She deliverd 4 weeks ahead of me. And, if I would have conceived when I first started we would be right around the same time again. Hearing about pg women has never affected me like hearing she is. Ughhhhh. I am just holding back the tears. And, while my hubby is supportive he's still a guy and tries to make light of the subject and tell me I'm not pg because we don't have enough sex. I know he's just trying to cheer me up, but it doesn't work. :-(


ILissa - June 14

Hey girly" long time no talk :> sorry It has been crazy around here! Sucks I know....and I say, "Cry" F*@% it" hurts and it hurts some more soo Cry if thats what needs to be done to make you feel better"... I just read a post from this girl who is 17 and been trying to get pregnant for 10 months NOW she is and NOW she don't want it!!! How is it that ohhh for get it...I will never understand and if I could write in I would tell her off just Like I did to the other stupid chic"...but what will that do...she is already pregnant! hang in there :>


MelissaS - June 14

I know, I saw that one also. I kind of wonder if it's real or not. But, it probably is just because that's the way things go. What the hell! I would cry, but I'm at work. It just makes me feel miserable! What all do you have to do to your car? Also, did you find a job?


Alissa - June 15

If I see anymore pregnant women...I'm going to scream!!! sucks I have been trying to just forget about all this baby crap but its sooo hard....I e-mail ya mel


MelissaS - June 17

I sooooo agree! :-)


Toscana - February 29

hi ladies! I need to vent! well dh and I have started to ttc again after being so discouraged before that I gave up for a year or so. and well it just hurts cuz everyone around me is like gettin pg so quick, my best friends and my family and its jus so dissapointing and hurtful that it takes so long for me to and it doesn't happen just like that. but tonight dh and I went to wallymart lol and as we were walking in toget a cart there was another young couple there witha baby in a carseat and it was soo hard not show how sad I was!! I just wanted to cry right there! but also so I thought maybe this was the month for us cuz af was late and I had a different kind of tenderness in my boobs then before when I start af that I thought this has to be it! but I was let down again when af came tonight! just when I was gonna buy a test too! =( well I hope things start to get better for allof us!! thanks for listening to me ladies! I hope that u all are doin well! its really nice to talk to people that really understand what I am going through! ****baby dust****


alihanif - May 22

Hi I'n new here, i'm 35 have a 3i/2 yr old daughter been trying to get pg for 11/2 yr with no luck. been to doc's nothing wrong with either of us been given 50mg clomid has anyone falling preggers on this without ovlu prob's. ali



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