abnormal sperm but fathered before 24 yrs since!
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blondiee - October 28

hi there. my hubby and i been ttc for 5 years on and off ( tried take a break thinking we were gettin too stressed from time to time) it wasnt until earlier this yr he went for tests. We both have conceived before with other partners. I have 4 x and he has had 2 boys about 24 yrs ago. the thing is i dont understand is how he could have been fine then and now he can not get me pregnant. not even once in all this time. I have been for the tests and i am fine. no problems. He has borderline sperm with abnormalities of about 97% - he smokes but has tried to give up and takes vitamins. need advice. sorry if this is a bit disjointed. just in bit of a state right now. :(


wishingstar - June 18

sperm abnormalities is what causing you not to get pregnant this time. have him treated and tell him to stop smoking completely. daily supplements and healthy lifestyle is the key to success.


natalika2017 - November 22

Hello ! Yes, this is now a very common modern problem. The man is suspected of having male infertility. So you need to immediately look for the reasons for its occurrence.
After all, the variants of the development of the disease can be a huge amount. There are hidden diseases, the symptoms of which are visually absent. In the medical center, specialists can conduct a full examination of a man. Do all the necessary tests to discover the causes in male infertility.
This problem can have causes related to work and stress. There are also sexual diseases, disruptions in the hormonal system, and diseases of internal organs. Therefore, the causes of male infertility can be very different. Only a professional doctor can correctly detect them, identify and prescribe rational treatment. I wish you and your husband to find the right solution to this problem. This problem plays an important role in family life. Because of this, many families leave. I think that everything will be fine with you. Appreciate and love each other. Together, you solve all your problems. And let her husband quit smoking - it also plays a role.



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