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r - July 8

has anyone tried threelac candida defense for chronic yeast infections during pregnancy? i was going to order it but i wasnt sure if it worked or how long to take it to make sure its gone


shye - July 26

it may be effective but it may also affect pregnancy, so please don't use anything without doctor's prescription. better safe than sorry.


thisbe - July 28

vagina is far more sensitive around the time of pregnancy.there's no safer way than to see a doctor if you want to treat your yeast infection.


natalika2017 - November 29

Hello! If you develop a fungal infection, then its symptoms can just drive you crazy! Although, it sometimes happens that the symptoms appear. Disappear almost immediately, even without treatment. This is very rare and means that the infection has been in the body for a very long time. This was a relapse. Symptoms of thrush during pregnancy can include. Severe itching, soreness, irritation, redness and swelling of the vagina and labia.
• vaginal discharge of white, cream or yellowish color, with a sour milk smell (hence the name), as well as an admixture of flakes resembling cottage cheese;
• pain or discomfort when having sex;
• severe burning during urination, when urine enters the irritated genitalia.
Fungal (yeast) infection, including candidiasis (thrush), does not penetrate the baby during its fetal development. So they do not affect pregnancy and fetus.
If you have any suspicions of thrush during pregnancy, contact your doctor. He will take a swab of vaginal discharge from you. Check the presence of fungi in it to confirm the diagnosis and exclude other diseases that may have symptoms similar to thrush.
It is much less likely that you will develop a fungal infection if your genital area is dry and if there is a normal balance of your vaginal flora. And for this it is enough to carry out such advice:
Wear breathable cotton underwear and avoid pantyhose and tight trousers, especially synthetic ones;
If you feel that you are sweating or have wet your panties, be sure to change your underwear. The same applies to a wet swimsuit - be sure to change it as soon as you get out of the water!
Do not use bath foam, scented toilet soap and washing powders (especially air-conditioners for softening linen!) And female deodorants for intimate places. These drugs can cause irritation of the genitals and become one of the reasons for the reproduction of fungi in the vagina.
Do not douche and do not wash out, gently clean the genital area with warm water with an intimate soap;
After bowel movements, always clean the anal area with backwards front movements!
As another measure of prophylaxis of thrush during pregnancy is eating yogurt containing live lactobacillus (Lactobacillus) or acidophilus. Theoretically, if these sour-milk products help to colonize the intestinal micro flora, the same applies to the micro flora of the vagina. In addition, such products are an excellent source of calcium and protein, much needed for a future mother!
I hope my post will be useful to you. Best wishes.



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