scar fading
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Sandy - April 20

I had surgery on my thyroid and was left with a big scar. I wanted to use a topical scar treatment that contains silicone, hydrocortisone and vitamin E, to fade the scar but I don't want to risk harming the baby. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is okay to use during pregnancy?


TESSIE - July 26

you can atleast wait until you give birth before you use any type of scar treatment to be safe both for you and your wouldn't want to put your baby's health at risk, don't you?


xoxo - July 28

i think silicone and hydrocortisone which is present in the scar treatment that you mentioned is not suitable for pregnant. don't use it! take vitamin E instead.


sheila - August 1

you can use cocoa butter for the meantime while you are still pregnant. don't take a risk if you know you will have to regret it soon.


cristy - August 20

try palmers cocoa butter scar serum. this is commonly used by pregnant women who wanted to treat scars. this can also help remove stretchmarks. it's a trusted brand so there's really nothing to worry.


rizalei - August 24

if i were you, i would simple avoid unnecessary medications while pregnant. you can always deal with it anytime soon after birth so why rush things now? waiting is always the best..


aimee - August 26

yeah think you should wait for the right time. anyway, you can apply virgin coconut oil, olive oil or vitamin c serum for the mean time. this won't removed scar but it will help fade them little by little.



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