IVF in Athens, Greece?
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PetKat - July 3

I am looking to have IVF abroad and I am thinking of Athens, Greece as I have relatives there.

I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis and IVF has been recommended.

?y Gyn has mentioned a fertility specialist, Dr Vassilis Athanassiou.

His clinic is called IVF Athens Center.

Has anyone had any experience with IAC?

Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Thank you!


Effie_L - July 11

Hi PetKat, I’d recommend doing your research in various clinics and having more than one consultation before concluding… Among other I’d advise you to visit IVF Athens Center and meet its chief OB/Gyn Mr Athanassiou. I had been trying to conceive for 1 ½ year. We had gone through 2 IUIs at a certain IVF clinic in Athens before we decided to take one last shot at IVF Athens Center. A couple of years later I am a mother of two adorable children, a 5-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. I valued the straightforward yet human approach of Mr Athanassiou and his team: plain words, personal attention by all staff, clear costs - is not the cheapest choice but eventually you get what you pay for -, step by step guidance from the very first moment of our contact. You probably know that searching for the right clinic is not the easiest task in the world. The fact that most of the clinics, more or less, make the same promises makes this task more difficult. My advice is to personally meet the chief members of the staff and let your instinct guide you!


PetKat - August 8

Thank you Effie_L, I arrived in Athens a couple of days ago and I will arrange to meet Dr Athanassiou sometime after August 20th.


PetKat - September 17

Hi, I am joining to post my experience with IVF Athens Center. I went to Dr Athanassiou with a binder full of tests and papers. He suggested having an ultrasound exam and some blood tests, which I had them on site. I was told that I can have a child and that my issue is not quite serious. When I returned to get the results the doctor spelt out exactly what my situation is and prescribed me fertility meds to regulate ovulation. He was patient enough to answer all of my questions, in a way that really helped me to relax. I agreed to return to Athens in November to have a 20-day IVF treatment at the Center. I'll keep you posted!


marie37 - October 2

Hi Pet Cat . I will tell you my experience with IVF Athens Center. Both me and my partner live and work in the UK and after trying to conceive for 1 ½ year IVF was recommended . Searching a lot for an IVF clinics both in the UK and abroad (we were very disappointed with the NHS and private care in the UK for different reasons ),a friend of mine recommended IVF Athens Center . After our first meeting with Dr Athanassiou and after explaining everything to us costs, procedures, medication, timeline etc. we decided to proceed with the IVF treatment ASAP. We were impressed not only with the doctor’s professionalism but also with his straightforward approach. We had clear guidelines from the beginning and the staff was very helpful and well- informed. Another thing that made a difference for us was that our doctor and everyone at the clinic were so positive it helped me to relax. So I truly understand when you are saying that you felt relaxed .Now I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins and I am over the moon about it . I am receiving antenatal care from Dr Athanassiou and his team and I am planning to give birth in Greece. Most importantly you need to stay positive!
Wish you all the best of luck!


PetKat - October 3

marie37, thanks for sharing your fantastic news! I do stay positive and I look forward to starting my treatment!


CostaSol - October 3

Hi marie, wonderful news indeed! Did you check any other clinic in Athens before going to IVF Athens Center? I'm not sure I can bear their costs... What do you think of the refund guarantee programmes offered by some clinics in Greece?


marie37 - October 4

Hi CostaSol,
Yes I did check a few more clinics (looking success rates, certifications etc) and after a careful consideration we decided to go to IVF Athens Center . What played a key role to our decision was our friend’s recommendation who also went to IVF Athens Center and now she has a beautiful daughter. As for the refund guarantee programmes I am a little skeptical. I know it seems appealing but be sure that you are fully informed on the programme and whether it's right for you , check all terms and conditions because some programmes require you to participate in a set number of cycles to get the refund, you might end up paying more per cycle than if you had gone one cycle at a time. My advise is to get in contact with the clinics you have chosen and gather as much information possible and if feasible visit them in person . Weigh pros and cons and then decide what is the best option for you.
Best of luck to you!



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