i don't want her to get pregnant
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charles - August 20

hi, i have a steady girlfriend for a year now. she's 15 and i'm 24. she has a regular period but she's delayed for more or less 3 weeks now. did i got her pregnant? well i hope not, i mean, we're not planning to have one, it's too soon and i don't have a job. what should i do to make her menstruate again?


desiree - August 24

there's nothing much you can do unless you want to abort the child. now if that's your thing, i am telling you right now, don't do it no matter what happens because you will be putting your girlfriend's life at risk. remember.. she's only 15 years old. you will be in deep trouble if ever..


jaya - August 26

why did you had unprotected sex if you don't want her to get pregnant in the first place anyway? she's a minor and you knew that all the way. if things will turn out wrong, you will be responsible for it.


mel - September 8

oh well.. just another common mistake most people do.. if you don't want her to get pregnant, avoid unprotected sex.. simple as that!


eloisa - September 10

there is a possibility of her getting pregnant. if not, use condom the next time to be safe.


Anjlina - September 20

I will suggest you to go for an immediate checkup or go with some pregnancy checking tools....



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