Husband refuses to go for treatment!
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Monica - March 4

We can't seem to get pregnant. I've agreed to go for tests but my boyfriend refuses to think there could be something wrong with him. It's tearing up our relationship. What do I do?


michelle - March 7

this happened to me! i was having all my tests done had my laproscopy and he still hadn't had his done, the gyno was not pleased, not sure why blokes are funny about this, think it would ruin there ego...
finally one day it rained and my boyfriend got rained off work, i handed him the pot and said go do the deeds, then i quickly rushed it up the hospital, you only get an hour to do this and you have to keep this warm...
just say to him he hasn't even got to leave the house, they wouldn't do further investigations on me until they had his results!!!


Meredith - May 17

My husband had to do the cup thing twice - they misplaced the first sample. According to him it was the most embarassing he's ever had to do. The nurse held up the sample in front of a room full of patients! If your boyfriend/husband is refusing to get tests, is he really ready to raise a child?


Claire - June 13

Monica - Insist he does a test. Ask him if there's nothing wrong with him why is he too chicken to do the test or tell him they give you porno mags at the doctors - do whatever it takes. Half the time there is a problem with the man so you need him to do a test. All he has to do is one sperm test - its not much to ask compared to what you may have to do. My husband also said it wasn't him - he had super-sperm but it turned out I was fine and he had low count, low morphology and low motility and the only cure is IVF with ICSI. All he had to do for that was a sperm sample in a hospital room full of porno mags whilst I had to do IVF even though there was nothing wrong with me. Good luck.


nikki - June 27

clair- ifeel its very mean to be to talk about your husband like that! how would you feel if you read MY WIFE HAS THE PROBLEM ,NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when your a couple and have a fertility
problem its both your problem!! pointing fingers is very unhealthy!!
its perfectly normal for a guy to feel weird about getting checked out so suport him as much as possible!! tell
him it takes a BIG MAN to do something humiliating !!!


Claire - June 30

Nikki - I think its very mean of you to talk to me like that esp as I've been through IVF. Unless you've been through the same yourself, don't write abusive e-mails. What people say about fertility problems is a personal choice - both my husband and I are happy to talk about them and don't feel fertility problems are anything to be ashamed of or keep hidden. If other people think other people's fertility problems are something to be ashamed of that's their problem. It's no more difficult for a man to get tested than for a woman. If you want to have a child you both get tested. My husband desperately wants a child so he had no issue with getting tested. We both love each other very much and are now expecting a baby.


Melissa - August 2

When my DH and I were having trouble conceiving, he had a sperm analysis done and he was able to "collect" the sample in the privacy of our home. We just had to make sure we got it to the hospital lab within 30 mins, it was probably more like 45 mins before they tested it. His results were fine and it turned out I had a luteal phase defect that was cured with Clomid and we conceived both of our children on the second month of Clomid treatment. Hope this has helped!


Ladybug - November 20

Yes. I agree with Nikki. I am going to be going through my 2nd IVF cycle. My husband had his semen analysis at the same time I sought the help of a fertility specialist 3 years ago. My husband wants a child equally as much as I do so he had absolutely no problem being tested right from the beginning. Many times, infertility is a male factor problem as well.


slowpoke01 - May 5

my husband refused but told me that he knew that the problem was with him because all of my tests so far are great so he told me that he wanted to use donor sperm and he even picked the donor as of right now though we havent done any iui's i am hoping to do the first iui either this month or next



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