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kristen - August 3

i want to have an epidurial towards the end so i dont feel any pain, why do many people say you shouldnt?


KellyN - August 3

Hi Kristen! I don't know first hand, but I've heard that sometimes the timing for the ep is off and you wind up hurting just as badly. And I've also heard that it makes labor last longer. Not sure if its true, just what I heard from a nurse friend of mine while she was pg. Personally, I would do what I felt was right for me, and not put too much into what others say. Its between you and your dr. Good luck!!! -kelly


TC - August 14

Have one, they are great. You really can enjoy the moment.


leonia - August 26

alot of people says it slows down labor and delivery.personally didn't do that to me eaither times.have had 2.but i will say .do not let them give you demorall.or however you spell it.practically stopped my labor and made it last 17 1/2 hours.


slowpoke01 - May 25

my sister had 2 kids without an epidural the first she only had 3 contractions and the baby was born that labor only lasted 15 minutes the second lasted maybe 2 hours she said she would never have an eidural plus they say that the pain meds keep the baby from being alert when it is born



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