Clomid and Poly Cystic Ovaries...Help!!!
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ak - January 9

I start clomid today and I was hoping to hear from other girls that have Poly Cystic Ovaries and who are on or have used clomid (Not PCOS, just poly cystic ovaries). The doctor told me i had 16 follicles this month and 19 last month. my changes of having multiples on Clomid are 15% (normal is 8%) b/c i have so many follicles. I am a bit nervous about this all. I have a daughter that I conceived naturally but I have been trying for 16 months now for baby number 2 with no luck. So now I start clomid. I want to hear all types of stories...from PCO women who have used clomid (did you get pregnant, if so at what dose, how many cycles, multiples or singlton?)....


RainbowBJW - January 27

Can't help much but I can tell you I am in the same boat as you (not PCOS just several cysts on my ovaries), I just finished my first round of Clomid and it didn't make my cysts worse (have had canceled cycles because of cysts before Clomid). My sister also has PCOS and she conceived her first (singleton) kid on Clomid, it actually made her cysts better. Good luck, baby dust and all that jazz and we'll cross our fingers for each other!!!


lindsie - March 16

I also have poly cystic ovaries, not PCOS. The first time, I used clomid 100mg and conceived twin girls the very first cycle. We're now trying for #3, but its not going as well. I used 50mg clomid for 4 cycles before finally getting pg. Unfortunately, I lost that one early on. I'm now on my first cycle of clomid since the m/c. I haven't O'd yet (cd22 today) which seems strange that it is so late. I'm really hoping I'm just going to O late rather than not at all. Hope things are going better for you all.


Sonyamac - March 22

Hi there, I also had the same. I took clomid and then had IUI done, on the third month I conceived. We are now trying again, my DH sperm count is also low. I also took injections after the clomid to increase the size of the follicles then Overdril to ovulate then they do the Inter Unterine insemination. All the medications really made me feel, very emotional, worse than PMS!
I don't think that the rate of multiples on just clomid is that high-3%.

Good luck to you,
Sending Some Baby Dust your way! .........


daleym - May 10

I have PCOS and started taking Clomid, Metformin, and Prometrium. I O'ed on 100mg, but not 50mg. I am waiting for my next cycle that will be statrting in the next week or so. My husband and I are so happy!! It feels like a huge weight was lifted when my b/w showed that I have O'ed!!



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