anyone taking provera?
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vanessa1974 - June 29

Hi I have been taking provera for 7 days 10mg a day took last tablets 8 days ago and no sign of AF should I take them again what have others been told to do?


vanessa1974 - June 29

sorry I meant 10mg twice a day for 7 days!


lookingforclomid - December 14

Twice a day? Usually it is only once a day. (I am prescribed for 12 days at 10mg) Anyway, sometimes it can take up to 14 days to get a period from it. :) If it dosent work after 14 days, call your doctor.


cathysyhtac - December 19

I am prescribed once a day, 10 mg for 10 days. AF should show within 10 days. Lookingforclomid: Why do the doc prescribe provera for you?


dreams4bump - October 2

I took provera to start my period for 10 days and I was worried about still taking the pills if af showed. The doctor told me to keep taking all 10 days even if it did start but mine showed up 2 days after my last pill. I was prescribed it because I did not have a period for 8 months. Then I started my first cycle of clomid in sept.


sunshine25 - July 6

hi can anybody tell me what were there symptoms after stopping progestrone pills and wating 4 days for AF, well i was given prog for af. as i had no periods for more than 2 mths and had m/c 5 mths ago .ttc from 2yrs .confused pregnancy or progestrone . have sore boobs which usually have pms and also during pregnancy and thise was the only symptom . to add to confusion i started before ovulation as my opk turnes + ve after i started progest.also had E/w cum . please girls help me i am 33 i was to get prego esp. after my m/C i even got my hpt -ve on 10th day after prog. that is 9th day after O. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me



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