anyone taking DOSTINEX
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Pat - August 26

Please reply if you are taking DOSTINEX. Just want to compare notes and see if it helps reduce Prolactin level and how it aids with getting pregnant


lakshmi - March 7

Hi I am taking dostinex 1 tab once a week. When the prolactin is high, the other hormones necessary for egg formation wouldn't develop. so it is hard to get pregnant. Especially for ovulation and normal period it helps.


jyot - June 14

Hi Lakshmi,
I started Dostinex two weeks ago. Prior to that ,I was on Parlodel for 4 months.I am starting clomid this month.I was told the same thing by my doc.My prolactin was and is now down to 25.i'd like to keep in touch.are you trying to concieve?


tzbz - April 15

I'm taking dostinex to lower my prolactin level in order to get pregnant. Can anyone tell me how long after taking dostinex they got pregnant? Any success stories.



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