Anyone gone through the same thing?
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Megan - March 17

We've been ttc for 3 years...I want to keep trying naturally or at least natural treatments like herbs and yoga. My partner is says he's tired of this "natural mumbo-jumbo" and wants to try ivf or at least wants me to start taking fertility drugs. I don't like the idea of all these chemicals and drugs in me. It causing a lot of strain in our relationship. I want a child so badly and I want to make my partner happy but I also want to know that my body did it, I made the child. I don't know what to do. Has anyone else ever been in this situation?


Amy - June 11

YES! It took us three years to conceive our first child and I did not want any kind of chemical intervention. I finally did conceive-- and I firmly believe it was through the power of faith and prayer. It was stressful and hard. Now, two years after the birth of our first, I am TTC again. This time I feel differently-- my first pregnancy was very difficult, and I have had some health problems since then. My OB just ran a ton of tests and has determined that my hormone and insulin resistance are out of whack-- so she's prescribed meds for those. If my body chemistry balances out, she sees no reason why I won't conceive again. It might be worth a visit to your OB just to talk, and tell her that you don't want any drugs yet.... but just to make sure everything is ok. Good luck!


Justine - June 13

Megan - Yes I have. We'd been trying to conceive 2 years and then went for tests which revealed I was fine but my husband had severe problems and there was practically no chance of conceiving naturally. The only cure for us was IVF with ICSI. I did not want to do this but my husband pressured me into doing it. I agreed to do it once and went on the fastest drugs possible (2 weeks - Cetrorelix plus Puregon). I hated him all the time I did IVF esp. when sticking needles in my stomach when there was nothing wrong with me but I got pregnant on the first attempt and now am 18 weeks and glad I did it. I think you and your husband should go for basic tests and see what the results are. It also depends how old you are as IVF success rates are linked to female age and go down with age, very sharply from 38. Good luck.


Ladybug - November 20

Do some research into Acupunture. It can be something that you can do yourself, without your partner. I'm researching a board certified Acupuncturist myself right now.


slowpoke01 - May 8

the first thing that you and your partner both should do is to be tested to make sure that there is nothing wrong with either of you this will involve sperm analysis, hsg dye test to make sure that your tubes arent blocked and progesterone test levels to make sure that you are ovulating from there you can decide to either go to iui or ivf for iui you may not have to take fertility drugs if you are ovulating they just put his sperm right into your uterus while you are ovulating so that it doesnt have far to swim


shen - May 10

hi, i'm trying natural treatments too...have been trying clomid, iui and ovarian drilling for my pcos but all not successful....i'm on chinese herbs now and it seems to work better for me, my spotting stopped as it never had without medication...maybe u can try to e-mail [email protected], she has helped me alot :)


woodchuck - July 25

I understand where you are coming from as my DH and i have been ttc for 3 years also...We decided to go throught the testing and make sure everything was okay. we took a look at all the fertility options and drew a line in the sand saying how far we would go with TTC. If you are like me you may have something going on that may need a jumpstart from medicene to get everything going. I would go into see the doctor to have them run some blood work and make sure everything is okay... I would also send your husband in for testing to make sure you cover your basis.


BellaGirl - October 26

me and my DH ttc for just a short while, but decided to get testing done just to see if we had any issues with me or my hubby. turns out he was great. it ws me with messed up hormones and polycystic ovarian disease (producing lots of tiny eggs instead of a few good big ones) . turned out they think i cannot get prego without treatment. i understand your concern re: treatment and foreign things inside your body - BUT i just dont want to wait until its really too late - so we are trying follistem, hcg, and times interourse. good luck



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