Anyone else prescibed diabetic meds to aid in conceiving?
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Amy - June 11

My GYN recently put me on Avandia, saying that my high insulin resistance may be what's causing me trouble getting pregnant. She said I'm not actually diabetic, but, my blood work put me at the borderline. She wants me to try this for three months, and after that if I'm not pregnant she'll put me on Clomid. I'd never heard of this treatment before~ anyone else? (Although I do trust this doc! She delivered my first child prematurely, after a very rough pregnancy and three years trying to conceive, by emergency c-section.)


Mandi24 - April 21

hey amy.. my doctor just put me on avandia too.. and 100mg of clomid starting in may.. what is your mg of avandia??? have you had any side affects on it... im having a really hard time finding other people taking this medication thanks for the information



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