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clare moore - March 18

can i take antihistamines during pregnancy


Norskgem - March 23

I think there are only certain kinds you can take. Not all have been proven safe for use during pregnancy. If you have a prescription, then ask your doctor if you should change brands.


tester123 - October 13

That is for sure!!


natalika2017 - November 16

Hello! I also had this problem. It was terrible. All the while flowed from the nose and had red eyes. I tried many methods. Doctors attributed different treatments. The main thing is not to shift the problem on the shoulders of a specialist. After a while I understood. If, for example, an allergy has appeared on certain foods, they should be excluded from the diet. It is necessary to adhere strictly to the recommended diet. Do not allow yourself any culinary whims.
Eliminate smoking, and, both active and passive. Try to avoid contact with allergens, such as plants, animals, household chemicals.
Well, in general, a woman needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. You need to experience less stress. Most importantly, be attuned to the birth of a healthy child. All the best to you.



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